• TANGERINE DREAM/Ultima Thule (1967-74/Rare&Unreleased) (タンジェリン・ドリーム/German)
TANGERINE DREAM/Ultima Thule (1967-74/Rare&Unreleased) (タンジェリン・ドリーム/German)
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Edgar Froese
Steve Shroyder
Peter Bauman
Chris Franke
Mick Auerbach
Ron Perrit
Charly Prince
Volker Hombach
& Others

Produced by Tangerine Dream, etc

1.Lady Greengrass (1967 THE ONES 7inch EP)
2.Love Of Mine (1967 THE ONES 7inch EP)
3.Oszillator Planet Concert (1971 from V.A./Ossiach Live)
4.Ultima Thule Part 1 (1971 7inch EP)
5.Ultima Thule Part 2 (1971 7inch EP)
6.Asteroid Agenda (1972 unreleased)
7.Overture (1975 from V.A./Virgin V)