• MARK FRY/Dreaming With Alice (1972/1st) (マーク・フライ/UK,Italy)
MARK FRY/Dreaming With Alice (1972/only) (マーク・フライ/UK,Italy)
  • 価格:2,280円(税込)


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Mark Fry(vo,g)
Roger Ludvigsen(g,loops)
Kenneth Ekornes(ds,per)
Carlos Z.Guispe(fl,charango)
Bugge Wesseltoft(syn,prog)
Jan Garbarek(sax)
Svein Schultz(b)
Richard Thomas(sax,fl)

Producerd by Laura Papi

01.Dreaming With Alice Pt.1
02.The Witch
03.Dreaming With Alice Pt.2
04.Song For Wild
05.Dreaming With Alice Pt.3
06.Roses For Columbus
07.A Norman Soldier
08.Dreaming With Alice Pt.4
09.Dreaming With Alice Pt.5
10.Lute & Flute
11.Dreaming With Alice Pt.6
12.Down Narrow Streets
13.Dreaming With Alice Pt.7
14.Mandolin Man
15.Dreaming With Alice Pt.8-9
16.Rethorb I'm No Hcram

bonus track: 
17.You Make It Easy
18.Doesn't Matter To Me If It Rains