• FAIRPORT CONVENTION/Tony Palmer's Film Of... (1970/DVD) (フェアポート・コンヴェンション&マシューズ・サザン・コンフォート/UK)
FAIRPORT CONVENTION/Tony Palmer's Film Of... (1970/DVD) (フェアポート・コンヴェンション&マシューズ・サザン・コンフォート/UK)
  • 価格:2,180円(税込)


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Simon Nicol(g,b)
Richard Thompson(g,vo)
Dave Swarbrick(vo,fdl,mdln)
Dave Pegg(b,mdln,vo)
Dave Mattacks(ds)
Ian Matthews(vo,g)
Gordon Huntley(st-g)
Mark Griffiths(g)
Andy Leigh(b)
Gerry Conway(ds)

Directed by Tony Palmer

1.Various Jigs & Reels
(Medley: The Lark In The Morning/
Rakish Paddy/Foxhunters' Jig/Toss the F)
2.Sir Patrick Spens
3.Now Be Thankful
4.My Front Pages
5.Southern Comfort
6.Flatback Caper
7.Jenny's Chickens & The Mason's Apron

bonus track:
1.Tony Palmer's Interveiw