• McKENDREE SPRING/Get Me To The Country (1975/6th) (マッケンドリー・スプリング/UK,USA)
McKENDREE SPRING/Get Me To The Country (1975/6th) (マッケンドリー・スプリング/UK,USA)
  • 価格:2,480円(税込)


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Fran McKendree(vo,ac-g,el-g)
Mike Dreyfuss(vln,vla,syn)
Martin Slutsky(el-g,ac-g)
Christopher Bishop(b,vo)
Carson Michaels(ds,per,vo)
Howard Wyeth(org)
Valerie Rosa(vo)

Produced by Mark London

01.Hold On
02.Easier Things Have Been Done
03.She's Never Leave Chicago
04.Meeting In Paris
05.Give It Some Time
06.So Long Daddy-O
07.I've Been On The Mountain
08.Get Me To The Country
09.The Hustler
10.Give All You've Got To Give