• YEZDA URFA/Sacred Baboon (1976/Unreleased 2nd) (イェツダ・ウルファ/USA)
YEZDA URFA/Sacred Baboon (1976/Unreleased 2nd) (イェツダ・ウルファ/USA)
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Rick Rodenbaugh(vo,g)
Phil Kimbrough(kbd,winds,vo)
Mark Tippins(g,vo)
Marc Miller(b,cello,vib,per,vo)
Brad Chistoff(ds,glkn,per)

Producerd by Greg Walker & Phil Kimbrough

1.Give'em Some Rawhide Chewise
2.Cancer Of The Band
3.To-Ta In The Moya
4.Boris & His Three Verses
5.Flow Guides Aren't My Bag
6.(My Doc Told Me I Had) Doggie Head
7.3, Almost 4, 6, Yea