• KATE BUSH/The Other Sides(4CD) (2018/Comp.) (ケイト・ブッシュ/UK)
KATE BUSH/The Other Sides(4CD) (2018/Comp.) (ケイト・ブッシュ/UK)
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Kate Bush(vo,p,syn,strings)
Dave Gilmour(g)
Alan Murphy(g)
Brian Bath(g)
John Williams(g)
Ian Bairnson(g,vo)
Donal Lunny(bzki,bdrn)
Liam O'Flynn(u-pipe,p-wsle)
Davey Spillane(u-pipe,wsle)
Nigel Kennedy(vln,vla)
Sean Keane(fdl)
John Sheahan(wsle)
Paddy Bush(mdln,strings,bullroarer,per,vo)
Dave Lawson(synclavier)
Geoff Downes(syn)
Del Palmer(b)
John Giblin(b)
Eberhard Weber(b)
Stuart Elliott(ds,per)
Preston Heyman(ds,per)
& Others

Producerd by Kate Bush

(CD1/12inch Mixes):
01.Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God 1985)
02.The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix 1985)
03.Cloudbusting (The Orgonon Mix 1985)
04.Hounds Of Love (Alternative Mix 1985)
05.Experiment IV (Extended Mix 1986)

(CD2/The Other Side 1):
01.Walk Straight Down The Middle (Sensual World B Side 1989)
02.You Want Alchemy (Red Shoes B Side 1993)
03.Be Kind To My Mistakes (with Brian Eno/This Woman's Work B Side 1989)
04.Lyra (2005 MP3)
05.Under The Ivy (Running Up That Hill B Side 1985)
06.Experiment IV (Single A Side 1986)
07.Ne T'enfuis Pas (Suspended In Gaffa B Side 1982)
08.Un Baiser D'enfant (Single A Side 1983)
09.Burning Bridge (Cloudbusting B Side 1985)
10.Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) (2012 Remix)

(CD3/The Other Side 2):
01.Home For Christmas (Moments Of Pleasure B Side 1993)
02.One Last Look Around The House Before We Go (Comic Strip Movie GLC Soundtrack 1990)
03.I'm Still Waiting (This Woman's Work B Side 1989)
04.Warm And Soothing (December Will Be Magic Again B Side 1980)
05.Show A Little Devotion (Rubberband Girl B Side 1993)
06.Passing Through Air (Army Dreamers B Side 1980)
07.Humming (Demo 1970s)
08.Ran Tan Waltz (Babooshka B Side 1980)
09.December Will Be Magic Again (Single A Side 1980)
10.Wuthering Heights (Remix / New Vocal From The Whole Story)

(CD4/In Others' Words):
01.Rocket Man (Single A Side 1990/Elton John)
02.Sexual Healing (King Of The Mountain B Side 2005/Marvin Gaye)
03.Mna Na Heireann (from V.A./Common Ground 1996)
04.My Lagan Love (Cloudbusting B Side 1985)
05.The Man I Love (Single A Side 1994/George & Ira Gershwin)
06.Brazil (Sam Lowry's First Dream) (from Berlinale 2000 Vol.2 2000)
07.The Handsome Cabin Boy (Hounds Of Love B Side 1986)
08.Lord Of The Reedy River (Sat In Your Lap B Side 1981/Mary Hopkin,Donovan)
09.Candle In The Wind (Rocket Man B Side 1990/Elton John)