• SIR LORD BALTIMORE/The Complete Recordings 1970-2006(3CD) (1970-2006/Comp.) (サー・ロード・バルティモア/USA)
SIR LORD BALTIMORE/The Complete Recordings 1970-2006(3CD) (1970-2006/Comp.) (サー・ロード・バルティモア/USA)
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Louis Dambra(el-g,ac-g,vo)all
John Garner(vo,ds,per,conga)all
Gary Justin(vo,b,ac-g)1,2
Joey Dambra(el-g,ac-g,org,vo)2
Tony Franklin(b)3

Produced by Edwin H. Kramer, Mike Appel, Jim Cretecos(1), John Linde(2), Unknown(3)

"Kingdom Come (1970/1st)":
01.Master Heartache
02.Hard Rain Fallin'
03.Lady Of Fire
04.Lake Isle Of Innersfree
05.Pumped Up
06.Kingdom Come
07.I Got A Woman
08.Hell Hound
09.Helium Head
10.Aint' Got Hung On You

"Sir Lord Baltimore (1971/2nd)":
01.Man From Manhattan:
a)Man From Manhattan Act I Superior One Intro
b)Theme : 45
c)Man From Manhattan Act II Theme: 45
d)Act III MMCXI New Earth
e)Act IV Raca (People They Do Bad Thing)
02.Where Are We Going
03.Chicago Lives
04.Loe And Behold
05.Woman Tamer
06.Caesar LXXI

"III: Raw (2006/3rd)":
01.(Gonna) Fill The World With Fire
02.Love Slave
03.Wild White Horses
04.Rising Son
05.Cosmic Voice