• KATE BUSH/Dreaming(LP) (1982/4th) (ケイト・ブッシュ/UK)
KATE BUSH/Dreaming(LP) (1982/4th) (ケイト・ブッシュ/UK)
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Kate Bush(vo,p,syn,strings)
Alan Murphy(el-g)
Brian Bath(g)
Ian Bairnson(ac-g,vo)
Donal Lunny(bzki)
Liam O'Flynn(u-pipe,p-wsle)
Sean Keane(fdl)
Paddy Bush(mdln,strings,bullroarer,per,vo)
Dave Lawson(synclavier)
Geoff Downes(syn)
Del Palmer(b)
John Giblin(b)
Eberhard Weber(b)
Jimmy Bain(b)
Danny Thompson(b)
Stuart Elliott(ds,per)
Preston Heyman(ds,per)
Esmail Sheikh(talking-drum)
Rolf Harris(didgeridoo)
Dave Gilmour(vo)
Gary Hurst(vo)
Stewart Arnold(vo)
& Others

Pipes&Strings Arranged by Bill Whelan, Andrew Powell, Dave Lawson

Producerd by Kate Bush

Side One:
1.Sat In Your Lap
2.There Goes A Tenner
3.Pull Out The Pin
4.Suspended In Gaffa
5.Leave It Open

Side Two:
2.Night Of The Swallow
3.All The Love
5.Get Out Of My House