• JACK BRUCE/Songs For A Taylor (1969/1st) (ジャック・ブルース/UK)
JACK BRUCE/Songs For A Taylor (1969/1st) (ジャック・ブルース/UK)
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Jack Bruce(vo,b,kbd,g)
Chris Spedding(g)
Jon Hiseman(ds)
Felix Pappalardi(vo,g,per)
George Harrison(g)
Dick Heckstall-Smith(sax)
Art Themen(sax)
Harry Becket(tp)
Henry Lowther(tp)
John Marshall(ds)

Produced by Felix Pappalardi

01.Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune
02.Theme For An Imaginary Western
03.Tickets To Waterfalls
04.Weird Of Hermiston
05.Rope Ladder To The Moon
06.Ministry Of Bag
07.He The Richmond
08.Boston Ball Game 1967
09.To Isengard

bonus track: 
11.Ministry Of Bag (demo)
12.Weird Of Hermiston (alter-mix)
13.The Clearout (alter-mix)
14.Ministry Of Bag (alter-mix)