• COLOSSEUM/Transmission: Live At The BBC(6CD BOX) (1969-71/Live) (コロシアム/UK)
COLOSSEUM/Transmission: Live At The BBC(6CD BOX) (1969-71/Live) (コロシアム/UK)
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Jon Hiseman(ds)
Dick Heckstall-Smith(sax)
Dave Greenslade(org,vib)
James Litherland(g,vo)
Tony Reeves(b)
Clem Clempson(g,vo)
Mark Clarke(b,vo)
Chris Farlowe(vo)
Barbara Thompson(sax,fl)
New Jazz Orchestra(horn)

Produced by Unknown

"Top Gear, 19 January 1969":
01.The Road She Walked Before
02.Backwater Blues
03.A Whiter Shade Of Powell

"Symonds On Sunday, 16 March 1969":
04.Walking In The Park
05.Interview with Jon Hiseman
06.Beware The Ides Of March
07.Plenty Hard Luck

"Johnnie Walker, 24 May 1969":
09.Walking In The Park
10.Butty's Blues
11.I Can't Live Without You

"Top Gear, 6 July 1969":
13.The Grass Is Greener
14.Hiseman's Condensed History Of Mankind
15.February's Valentyne

"Symonds On Sunday, 20 July 1969":
17.The Road She Walked Before
18.Walking In The Park
19.Butty's Blues

"Radio 1 Jazz Workshop, 17 July 1969":
01.Elegy (take1)
02.I Can't Live Without You
03.Walking In The Park
04.Those About To Die (take1)
05.Butty's Blues (take1)
07.The Grass Is Greener

"Top Gear, 22 November 1969":
08.Interview with Dick Heckstall-Smith
09. Lost Angeles
10.Arthur's Moustache

"Unknown session late 1969/early 1970":
11. Jumping Off The Sun
12.Theme For An Imaginary Western
13.Take Me Back To Doomsday
14.Lost Angeles (partial)
16.The Machine Demands A Sacrifice

"John Peel's Sunday Concert, 8 March 1970":
01.Lost Angeles
02.Downhill And Shadows
03.Theme For An Imaginary Western
04.Introduction: John Peel
05.The Machine Demands A Sacrifice

"Sounds Of The 70s, 7 April 1970":
06.Bring Out Your Dead
07.Time Lament
08.Daughter Of Time

"John Peel's Sunday Concert, 8 November 1970":
01.Introduction: John Peel
02.Rope Ladder To The Moon
03.Introduction: John Peel
04.Downhill And Shadows
05.Introduction: John Peel
06.Tanglewood '63
07.Introduction: John Peel
08.Time Lament
09. Introduction: John Peel
10.Lost Angeles

"Sounds Of The 70s, 21 July 1970":
01.Butty's Blues
02.Shades Of Blue
03.Rope Ladder To The Moon
04.Tanglewood '63

"Sounds Of The 70s, 19 February 1971":
05.Take Me Back To Doomsday
07.The Pirate's Dream
08.Tanglewood '63

"Sounds Of The 70s, 10 September 1971":
01.Jumping Off The Sun
03.The Pirate's Dream
04.Upon A Tomorrow

bonus track:
"Symonds On Sunday, 16 March 1969":
05.Walking In The Park (off-air)

"Radio 1 Jazz Workshop, 17 July 1969":
06.Those About To Die (take2)
07.Butty's Blues (take2)
08.Elegy (take2)



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