• AFFINITY/Same (1970/only) (アフィニティ/UK)
AFFINITY/Same (1970/only) (アフィニティ/UK)
  • 価格:2,180円(税込)


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Linda Hoyle(vo)
Lynton Naiff(kbd)
Mike Jopp(g)
Mo Foster(b)
Grant Serpell(ds)

Brass&Strings Arr. by J.Paul Jones,C.Hughes

Producerd by John Anthony

01.I Am And So Are You
02.Night Flight
03.I Wonder If I'll Care as Much
04.Mr Joy
05.Three Sisters
06.Coconut Grove
07.All Along the Watchtower

bonus track:
08.Eli's Coming (1970 single)
09.United States Of Mind (1970 single)
10.Yes Man (1970 unreleased)
11.If You Live (1968 unreleased)
12.I Am The Walrus (1968 unreleased)
13.You Met Your Match (1968 unreleased)
14.Long Voyage (1969 unreleased)
15.Little Lonely Man (1970 unreleased)