• KIN PING MEH/No.2 (1972/2nd) (キン・ピン・メイ/German)
KIN PING MEH/No.2 (1972/2nd) (キン・ピン・メイ/German)
  • 価格:2,480円(税込)


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Werner Stephan(vo,ac-g,per)
Willie Wagner(g,vo)
Frieder Schmitt(kbd,vo)
Torsten Herzog(b,vo)
Kalle Weber(ds,per)
Uli Grob(g)
Gagey(Gerhard) Mrozeck(g)

Producerd by Achim Reichel & Frank Dostal

1.Come Down To The Riverside
2.Don't Force Your Horse
3.Come Together
4.Together Jam
5.Livable Ways
6.Day Dreams
7.Very Long Ago
8.I Wonna Be Lazy

bonus track(1973 single): 
9.Sunday Morning Eve