• BIRTH CONTROL/Here And Now (2016/16th) (バース・コントロール/German)
BIRTH CONTROL/Here And Now (2016/16th) (バース・コントロール/German)
  • 価格:2,280円(税込)


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Bernd Noske(vo,ds)
Martin Ettrich(g,vo)
Sascha Kuhn(kbd,per)
Hannes Vesper(b,vo)
Peter Foller(vo)
Shondell Mims(vo)
Yvonne Allsopp(vo)
Andy Zingsem(rap)
Albie Donnelly(sax)

Produced by Martin Ettrich & Sascha Kuhn

01.Lost In The Sea
02.12 Steps
03.Me And My Car
04.Run Away With Me
05.The Witch
06.Wasting My Time
07.Right Place Wrong Time
08.I Would Not Want To Be You
09.Rat In My Flat
10.Truth Is Mine
11.Live In The Here And Now