• FOTHERINGAY/Nothing More: The Collected Box (1970/3CD+DVD) (フォザリンゲイ/UK)
FOTHERINGAY/Nothing More: The Collected Box (1970/3CD+DVD) (フォザリンゲイ/UK)
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Sandy Denny(vo,p,g)
Trevor Lucas(vo,g)
Jerry Donahue(g,vo)
Pat Donaldson(b,vo)
Gerry Conway(ds,vo)
John "Rabbit" Bundrick(org)
Sam Donahue(sax)
Wensy Righart Van Gelder(vo)
Linda Peters(vo)
Tod Lloyd(vo)

Producerd by Joe Boyd(1), Jerry Donahue(2)

(Disc One "FOTHERINGAY/Same (1970/only)"):
01.Nothing More
02.The Sea
03.The Ballad Of Ned Kelly
04.Winter Winds
05.Peace In The End
06.The Way I Feel
07.The Pond And The Stream
08.Too Much Of Nothing
09.Banks Of The Nile

bonus track:
10.The Sea (studio demo)
11.Winter Winds (studio demo)
12.The Pond And The Stream (studio demo)
13.The Way I Feel (original version)
14.Banks Of The Nile (alternate take)
15.Winter Winds (alternate take)

(Disc Two "FOTHERINGAY/2 (1970/Unreleased)"):
01.John The Gun
02.Eppie Moray
03.Wild Mountain Thyme
04.Knights Of The Road
05.Late November
07.Gypsy Davey
08.I Don't Believe You
09.Silver Threads And Golden Needles
10.Bold Jack Donahue
11.Two Weeks Last Summer

bonus track:
12.Late November (Joe Boyd Mix)
13.Gypsy Davey (Joe Boyd Mix)
14.Two Weeks Last Summer (Joe Boyd Mix)
15.Silver Threads And Golden Needles (2004 version)
16.Bruton Town (band rehearsal)
17.Bruton Town (2015 version)

(Disc Three):
"Live In Rotterdam, 28th June 1970":
01.The Way I Feel
02.The Sea
03.Too Much Of Nothing
04.Nothing More
05.I'm Troubled
06.Two Weeks Last Summer
07.The Ballad Of Ned Kelly
08.Banks Of The Nile
09.Memphis Tennessee

"Live Recordings for the BBC, London 1970":
10.Interview; The Sea
11.The Lowlands Of Holland
12.Eppie Moray
13.John The Gun
14.Bold Jack Donahue
15.Gypsy Davey
16.Wild Mountain Thyme

(Disc Four/DVD "TV Performance: Live on Beat Club, Bremen 28th November 1970"):
01.Nothing More
02.Gypsy Davey
03.John The Gun
04.Too Much Of Nothing