• DADDY LONGLEGS/The Three Musicians (1972/3rd) (ダディ・ロングレッグス/UK,USA)
DADDY LONGLEGS/The Three Musicians (1972/3rd) (ダディ・ロングレッグス/UK,USA)
  • 価格:2,280円(税込)


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Gary Holderman(vo,g,hmca)
Kurt Palomaki(b,12-g,clnt,p,mrba)
Crif Carrison(ds,per)
Peter Arnesen(p,el-p)
Steve Miller(p)
Ivan Chandler(p)

Producerd by Gerd Muller

01.Concrete Roadside
02.Side Affair
03.Dance Of The Nightpeople
04.Let Your Son Grow
05.Travel Timewaze
06.Greenwich Meantime
07.Methedrine Blues
08.Don't You Worry No More
09.Where Have All Your Clothes Gone
10.Maybe I Never Will
11.If I Say
12.Wash My Hands
13.Whisky In The Water